Celebrating in Style at Your Evening Wedding Ceremony

As your ceremony draws in to the evening, the party really comes alive. During the evening of your wedding ceremony, you and your guests can celebrate this wonderful occasion in style. Naturally, the evening will differ somewhat from the subtleties of the daytime, but it will still retain all of the day’s sentiment, grandeur and glamour. 


During our experience in the industry, we’ve seen some sensational evening wedding ceremonies that have finished off a gorgeous day in a sophisticated and fun, unforgettable way. So, we wanted to share this knowledge with our clients, by dedicating this blog post to a few of our tips to perfect the evening of your wedding.


  • Stunning light displays


Make the most out of the change in lighting that comes as the evening draws in. Change your decor for the evening, by adorning your venue with gorgeous lights. These could be beautiful little fairy lights, dramatically lit feature pieces, candles or even dramatic indoor sparklers. 


  • Photo booth


Not only does a photo booth provide a fun activity for the guests, but it will also leave them with lovely little keepsakes to remember the evening by. 


  • Luxurious drinks


This is the perfect way to keep everyone happy throughout the evening. You could even hire a private bartender for the evening, who’d be able to make up the guests’ choice of cocktails on request. 


  • Delicious nibbles


Following on from the above point, keeping your guests in plentiful supply of delicious little treats is absolutely certain to keep everyone’s spirits up and the celebratory atmosphere in full flow. These could take the form of either a decadent buffet table, or scrumptious little canapes (both savoury and sweet) that are served to guests a bit at a time.


  • Live music


That’s where we come in. Live music is the perfect way to make your evening wedding ceremony absolutely spectacular. The addition of live music to the evening sets an ambience that is both fun and romantic. It also provides a wonderful, sophisticated entertainment that keeps the conversation (and not to mention the dancing) lively all evening long. 


Our band performs throughout the tri-state area, and is made up of full time, professional musicians at the very top of the industry, who have recorded with a stunning range of all-star artists, including Michael Jackson, Shakira and Bon Jovi. With Skyline Drive Orchestra, providing the evening’s music, you’re sure to have an unforgettable evening.