4 Common Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

Most people seem to think that wedding music is somewhat easy and can be handled last minute. The answer is no, it isn’t. A simple search on YouTube will show enough wedding music fails to make you cringe. Or maybe you’ve been at a wedding with music that didn’t go so well yourself.

Wedding music is an important part of your wedding day and you should pay good attention to it. Here at Skyline Drive Orchestra, we care about your wedding entertainment. That’s why we’ve put together in this post a list of common wedding music mistakes that couples make and how to avoid them.

  • Not Hiring A Professional

Needless to say, you can’t just hire anybody to handle the music at your wedding. Please hire experienced professionals. There is a lot that goes into music at a wedding that only an experienced band will be able to handle. Meet with the entertainment company beforehand and make sure you discuss important details and choices.

  • Failing to Discuss Your Preferences

As much as the band is experienced, you’ll need to discuss your music preferences. You or your partner might have a certain bias when it comes to certain songs, probably based on experience. Discuss these with your band beforehand.

  • Not Having Music When Guests Arrive

You shouldn’t hire the band to start the exact time, your ceremony starts. It’s usually best to have some music playing a few minutes before for guests that come early. This helps them know they are in the right place, keeps them entertained and assures them that you will soon begin.

  • Having A Long First Dance Song

When it comes to the first dance, the ideal time is 3 minutes. Anything longer usually tends to make the situation awkward or boring. If the song that you love and want is longer, try selecting a great part, like the chorus to use.

When you contact us at Skyline Drive Orchestra, we have discussions like these and more about your wedding with you. We are experienced in handling wedding entertainment and promise that you and your guests will not be disappointed. Contact us today!