When Do You Need Entertainment at Your Wedding?

You can’t have a wedding without having the right entertainment for you and your guests. It’s one of the most important parts of planning a wedding, so it’s not something to disregard.

Here at Skyline Drive Orchestra, we place the highest importance on the entertainment of you and your guests. So here are some periods when you need entertainment at your wedding. 

  • At Your Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the most intimate part of your wedding day. You could have a traditional wedding march or more contemporary music entertainment to accompany you as you walk down the aisle. For your wedding ceremony, your entertainment choice should be personal and of high quality.

Your wedding ceremony timeline for music could look something like this:

At Guest Arrivals: 15-20 minutes of background music before the wedding ceremony

For the Procession: Music for the entrance of the bridal party

During the signing of the Register: Music as the register is signed

For the Recessional: Music as everybody takes their leave behind the bride and groom.

  • At the Wedding Reception

If there is ever a time set aside to dance and celebrate your new lives together, it’s your wedding reception. You’ll, therefore, need the best of your wedding entertainment at this point. With a wedding band, you will have an authentic and fun vibe at your wedding for your celebration.

As a result, you can be sure that you will have a full dance floor throughout the night. You’ll need music for the intro, first dance, parent-child dances, wedding party dance, line dances, and all the other dances at your reception. There also won’t be silence during mealtime either, although the songs will be a bit muted, or it might be the instrumentalists going at it.

You should contact us at Skyline Drive Orchestra for your wedding entertainment. We would love a chance to discuss your wedding plans and more about your wedding with you. We are experienced in handling wedding entertainment and promise that you and your guests will not be disappointed. Contact us today!