4 Popular Myths About Wedding Music

When it comes to wedding music, there’s a lot of myths that get passed around. Here at Skyline Drive Orchestra, we offer you excellent service and promise an experience you won’t soon forget. While arranging for our band to play at your wedding, here are some of the myths associated with wedding music that we’re here to help you debunk.

  • Bands Take Way Too Many Breaks

They don’t. The purpose of a good band is to make your wedding entertainment a success, so why would they keep going off and leaving your guests stranded on the dancefloor? To assuage your mind, you can also make a special arrangement with the band to tailor their breaks in a way that keeps the music continuous.

  • You Have Total Control Over Everything

Micromanaging your wedding music is a terrible idea. It’s okay to tell the band what you expect, slot in special songs you want to be played, and so on. After that, however, give them free rein of the ceremony. Don’t forget that they are experienced and will know how to read your crowd and go for songs that will entertain the most.

  • Slow Songs Must Come First

Most people believe that at the wedding reception, slow songs should start and then be followed by more upbeat songs after the cutting of the cake. This is untrue, and it can go whatever way you want. Again, trusting your band to know which to go with at a point in time of your wedding is the best.

  • A Band Can’t Offer Enough Variety

This is very not true! Most bands have versatility and will learn some songs that you want before the event if you request.  In particular, our band is quite versatile and experienced in many genres and lots of popular wedding music from around the world.

Here at Skyline Drive Orchestra, we’re great at handling your wedding entertainment and keeping you and your guests happy for the duration of your wedding. Have you hired a band for your wedding yet? Why not give us a call today?