Wedding Bands and Your Wedding Ceremony

Having a live wedding band is one thing that can add a new dimension to the entertainment of your wedding ceremony. When it comes to hiring a band for your wedding, most people only think about the wedding reception and often forget that the wedding ceremony will not take place in an awkward silence.

When you hire a band for your wedding ceremony, you are sure to keep your guests entertained while also producing a unique soundtrack for your service. Just in case you are wondering what hiring a wedding band for your ceremony entails, here is a low down from us on how the day usually goes.

  • The Prelude

This is when your guests are arriving and getting seated before the ceremony itself starts. Give or take about 45 minutes before the bride comes to walk down the aisle. The music at this point is usually soft and unobtrusive.

  • The Processional

This is when the bride and her party enter the ceremony. The music for this point is usually slow and majestic. We don’t want the bride running down the aisle because she is not being chased. This is a special all about her moment.

  • The Hymns

Especially if this a traditional wedding ceremony. If not, any other singing done during the wedding ceremony will also be accompanied and anchored by your wedding band.

  • The Registry Signing

This can be a boring time for the guests if you don’t have music being performed for them while it is going on. A great song that they know would be a great idea to keep them interested and happy while you sign the marriage registry.

  • The Recessional

This is after the ceremony where the couple leaves walking back down the aisle together. It’s a great time for celebration so of course, the band’s music will be lively, upbeat and danceable so that the couple leaves the ceremony is a celebratory mood.

Here at Skyline Drive Orchestra, we’re great at handling your wedding entertainment and keeping you and your guests happy for the duration of your wedding. Have you hired a band for your wedding yet? Why not give us a call today?