Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Band For Your Wedding

Choosing a band to play for your wedding is actually one of the most important decisions you could make while planning it. The selected band will determine the quality of entertainment on the wedding day and also the mood of the guests.

There are definitely a lot of options to choose from when deciding on the perfect band. Feel free to ask questions about things you need to, and listed below are some of the more important ones.

  • Will there be any music during breaks?

At some point during the reception, most live bands usually have to take a break or sit back during a meal. There should be background music playing when this is happening. You need to ask if there will be any background music during breaks and if yes, what kind of music will be playing then? This way, nothing will come off as a surprise on your wedding day.

  • What kinds of genre will you play?

You also need to know, in definite terms, what genre of music the band you’re intending to hire plays. You need to know the music styles they specialize in before the wedding. It is more advisable to hire a band with a wide range of music styles and a large collection of songs on their playlist. You should also hire a band that is ready to work with you to tailor and customize the playlist to suit your needs.

  • How much space and facilities will you need?

Different bands have a different number of band members and different instruments and equipment, and they will be needing a varied amount of space to support their members and equipment.

You should ask the band how much space they’ll be needing to perform at your wedding and if they’ll be needing additional facilities to play too. It is very important that you ask the band these questions in time; so you can factor in those needs when scouting for a wedding venue.

If your wedding will be holding anywhere around New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, you don’t need to scout any further for a perfect band for your wedding.

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