3 Dances You Should Definitely Try on Your Wedding Day

As couples, one thing you do not want to get wrong at your wedding is your dance. For some couples, they spend time rehearsing the perfect dance moves with themselves. To get your wedding dance right, you have to start by knowing what dance options are open to you as couples on your big day. So, to help you do this, we have put together some of the top dances you should try out on your wedding day.

  • The Sway

The Sway is a popular dance move for couples who do not have enough time to rehearse their dance steps due to the time spent planning for the wedding. The Sway is a very simple to learn dance move that requires you moving back and forth with your arms wrapped around themselves. It works well with slow songs and is definitely one style you should try out with your spouse.

  • The Nightclub Two Step

Slow dance is not as difficult as many couples think it to be. This is similar to the sway except that it is a bit more formal. Here, you both have to hold hands in a certain way with his second hand placed on your waist as you both move in a synergy. You have to carefully select the song to ensure you and your lover an in agreement with specific moves. Being in agreement with yourselves and in-tune with the music is the beauty of this dance move.

  • The Classic Waltz

Unlike the other two dance moves listed above, the classic waltz is a bit faster. It takes different forms like the American International classic, the Country Western Classic, the Cajun and French Classic. To perfect this dance style, you will need to invest time in rehearsals as it requires a bit of choreography. For many couples, they always result to dance lessons to master this move. If you have spare time, why not enrol with a professional and learn this dance style? It is one dance move that if perfected, will wow guests at the event.

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