Guide to Postpone Your Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19… It’s arguable if there’s a more notorious word in the world right now. This virus has put a halt to pretty much everything. Life as we know it has been ‘paused’, and we all await the day we can finally go back to doing the things we love and living life as we want.

Weddings have been hit as hard as everything else. Couples are left with few options but to postpone their wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. If, however, you decide this is the best option for you, go right ahead then.

With that being said, postponing a wedding should not be a hasty affair, nor should it be something you do without first considering the ramifications of your actions. Take note of the points below to easily and effectively postpone your wedding until COVID-19 leaves us be.

  • Your Vendors Should Know Your Decision

Don’t dilly-dally here. If you do decide to postpone your wedding, enlighten your vendors before anyone else because, without them, there can’t even be a wedding. The same vendors can help alleviate the problem by guiding you on the next steps you are to take after making your decision to postpone the wedding.

Conversely, those vendors are also people like you. The virus has also affected their lives and business. For example, they could also be dealing with an influx of calls from other clients.

  • Find a Way to Communicate with Your Guests

In this instance, it is not so much about what you tell them as it is how you tell them. You need a single platform that can communicate your message to all your invited guests in the shortest time possible; a platform easily accessed by anyone.

A wedding website comes to mind here (opening one is easy if you have not already). A short, straight-to-the-point message on the website works best. If you think your guests might have questions regarding the new wedding date, the new arrangements made, travel funds, and such, simply create a FAQ list to tend to their questions.

If you do not plan on using a website, a more traditional approach works fine too. Split the guest list between yourself, your loved one and even friends and family.  Then get to making calls.

  • You Can Still Celebrate the Day

Yes, COVID-19 may mean you have to make drastic changes to your wedding plans.  You will not want to spend these days wallowing in despair, rather think of the positive. Your loved one is still there with you, no?  That is something worth celebrating!

Celebrate the fact you can still spend time with each other. Plan a date night and make it as memorable as you can, the limited available resources notwithstanding. Watch a movie or binge-watch shows on Netflix together. Do anything you want that the two of you can enjoy together.

Remember, the moment restrictions are lessened and lives go back to normal, your wedding is next on the agenda, and that’s where we come in!

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