How to Select the Perfect Song for each Section of Your Wedding Ceremony

The number of songs that should be played at your wedding ceremony differs from one couple to another, from the time allocated for the ceremony, the theme of the wedding, and several other factors.

The ideas below serve as a guide to help you select the perfect songs for each part of your wedding, and your wedding band’s input is indispensable here. They can make great recommendations so refer to them and they’ll happily oblige.

  • Selecting the perfect prelude songs

The prelude songs will be sung as the wedding guests come into the wedding venue and take their respective seats. These songs welcome your wedding guests as they await the events of the ceremony. It is best to select romantic songs of any genre of your choice, whether classical or modern.

  • Songs While the Parents of The Couple Are Entering

It’s nice to pay tribute to your parents on your wedding day; a little special treatment and recognition. A great way to do this is to take a few minutes to sing a special song as your parents walk into the wedding venue before taking their seats. Some classical love songs would be perfect for this.

  • Processional Song for Your Wedding Party

These processional songs will be played while your wedding party-the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, etc.-marches into the venue. The nature of the songs largely depends on the theme and style of your wedding.

  • The Bride’s Entry Song

Once the wedding party and the groom have taken their respective positions, the bride is ready to make her grand entrance. Some special songs should be played at this point as all eyes will be on her. Again, refer to your wedding band for the best bridal entry song ideas.

  • Songs While the Vows and Rings Are Being Exchanged

While some couples prefer not to sing any songs at this point, others love to add a little more flair and style to those special moments. Some gentle songs declaring an undying love is perfect at this part of the wedding.

  • Recessional Songs

These are the songs to be played when the wedding ceremony is ending and the couple walks out of the wedding venue as a married couple. A happy and upbeat song is best here because it denotes a celebration.

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