6 Fabulous Funk Songs for Your Wedding Reception

We’re all about the entertainment and the happiness at your wedding here at Skyline Drive Orchestra. When it comes to wedding entertainment, there is a slow time, and a time when you want everyone on the dancefloor busting out moves. One of the genres that is sure to get your dancefloor busy is Funk. People of all ages enjoy funk music, so here is our list of some great funk songs that you can include in your wedding playlist.

  • Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson Feat Bruno Mars

You’ll have the teenagers really hyped up by this one when it comes on. Fun fact, Mark Ronson fainted a couple of times out of nervousness while recording and they only got it right at the 82nd take. Wild right?

  • Get Lucky by Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell Williams

You’re already lucky to be there with the one you love. Let your guests dance to this one. Who knows they might get lucky too?

  • Get on Up by James Brown

Get your guests to get up and get on up to this one. Fun, Funky and sure to make your great aunt entertain for a bit.

  • Jungle Boogie by Kool & The Gang

First, this band is called Kool & The Gang! You will have fun with any of their songs. Second, the lyrics tell you to get down and jungle boogie. You and your guests will.

  • Super Freak by Rick James

If you must play one funk song at your wedding it should be this one. Get your guests showing their super freaky moves with this catchy tune.

  • Get Down on It by Kool & The Gang

You have to get on the grove with this one and then get down on it. With this song, you’re sure to have fun with people of all ages because it has found a way to stay relevant in songs, movies and more.

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