4 Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests Really Entertained

Here at Skyline Drive Orchestra, we know you want everyone invited to your wedding to feel really special. You want people to be delighted with scrumptious food and entertained by excellent music. We’re positive you want them to thoroughly enjoy the experience as much as you will. We can help make all this possible by telling you what you need to do.

To achieve this, simply incorporate the many classic wedding entertainment options into your wedding ceremony. There are few things people enjoy as much as dancing to good music.

But have you considered bringing in something “extra”? Something that will make your guests feel truly special? We have some ideas listed below and we think you’ll really like them all!

  • A Fancy Bar

Whiskey and wine will always be appreciated at a wedding ceremony. But when you bring in aged bottles that have a completely different flavor and bouquet than their “younger” counterparts, you’ll have almost everyone at the wedding smiling. People love sipping new and exotic drinks, so if you can provide that, you’re another step closer to that perfect wedding you seek.

  • A Special First Dance

People are always touched by the first dance but if you go the extra mile to add special effects and a choreographed moment, you’ll win everyone’s hearts over and start the wedding on the right foot!

  • Release White Turtledoves

This is not in any way new; you’ve seen it before time and time again, but it never loses potency as a lovely wedding moment. It’s always such a pleasant and wonderful sight. It’s the kind of magical moment that will fill the air with grace, love, and beauty.

Releasing white turtledoves is a truly romantic gesture that will create amazing memories and amazing wedding photos for the album too!

  • Hire Us!

A wedding band is a great choice for the wedding reception and all the fun and dancing. Our band in particular will add class to your wedding ceremony, making it feel stylish, unique, and an event that will be with you for a long time to come.

Skyline Drive Orchestra will bring fun and excitement to one of the most important and special moments of your life!

Home to one of the best bands in New York and New Jersey, Skyline Drive Orchestra is the answer to your wedding entertainment needs. With us, your wedding is guaranteed to be fun and exciting. So, what do you say? Contact us today!